Sept-Îles, January 13, 2022

Subject: Call for interest – Next phase of investment: iron ore concentrate/pellets/transformation

Dear Mr. Ghose

The Société ferroviaire et portuaire de Pointe-Noire (SFPPN) is currently completing two phases of investment totalling more than $300 million. These investments, in addition to allowing the modernization of handling equipment, make the SFPPN a leader in the recovery and treatment of red water from its terminal. 

As the current capacity of SFPPN’s infrastructure is already almost fully reserved, and in order to ensure that the next phase of investment meets the needs of future users, the SFPPN wants to know company’s potential needs by 2030 in terms of vessel loading, handling, storage and other logistic needs. Following the receipt of all needs, a master plan will be developed by the SFPPN.

Companies wishing to be considered in the master plan and the pre-feasibility study for the next phase of investment will have to contribute $200,000 financially, which will be used to define the scope of the studies and as a down payment for the completion of the study. The costs related to the study itself, over and above the initial down payment of $200,000 will be invoiced equitably among the parties who have indicated their interest.

Companies participating for the realization of the study will have the benefit to receive the report and be considered in SFPPN’s Master Plan. In addition, by being integrated into the SFPPN master plan, companies will be assured that the development of the SFPPN will consider their logistical needs.

By February 28 must be communicated to the SFPPN at the following address:

  1. The interest of participating in the study;
  2. The desired date of the start of operations
  3. Annual tonnage and physical and chemical characteristics of the product;
  4. The seasonality of production if applicable;
  5. The number of trains to be transported annually and their configuration;
  6. Number and type of vessel to be loaded for shipment of production;
  7. Storage space required;
  8. Handling requirements for incoming equipment by train or ship;
  9. Other handling or logistics needs.

It should be noted that participating financially in the pre-feasibility studies and being considered in the SFPPN Master Plan does not reserve any future capacity. All companies hoping to benefit from the services of the SFPPN will have to conclude an operation contract. The approval of the SFPPN Board of Directors will be required prior to the start of negotiations.