We look out for each other

We firmly believe that occupational health and safety are an integral part of sound business management. OHS must be integrated into all systems in a continuous improvement perspective. We are committed to providing a healthy, safe work environment and to adopting measures to ensure the health, safety, and physical and psychological integrity of all team members.

We also ensure that visitors, entrepreneurs, and their subcontractors abide by the same rules as our employees when they visit our facilities and land.

To this end, risks are pinpointed and evaluated, then controlled or eliminated. Our employees are trained and supervised so that they all possess the requisite skills to safely do their jobs. OHS performance is measured, and the outcomes of the evaluation are communicated to ensure the continuous improvement of our practices.

Individual members of the SFP Pointe-Noire team are responsible for their safety and that of other people. They all undertake to comply with the regulations, procedures, and work processes in force. Risk identification, the search for solutions, and ongoing prevention efforts are responsibilities that the employer, managers, and all employees share.

It is through the implementation of best practices in the realm of occupational health and safety and the involvement of the entire SFP Pointe-Noire team that we continue to aim for zero incidents.

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