Industrial infrastructure


storage yards


water treatment plant

The SFP Pointe-Noire has cutting-edge facilities and equipment for all activities related to natural resource exploitation, mainly handling and transportation but also ore processing and the maintenance of industrial facilities:

  • infrastructure of two storage yards;
  • two ore unloading stations;
  • two stacker-reclaimers;
  • a 7-km conveyor network;
  • an oil tank farm with truck loading ramp;
  • a water treatment plant with five pumping stations;
  • an additive warehouse with a capacity of 50 000 tonnes;
  • six storage silos;
  • an electric substation;
  • a parts warehouse with yard;
  • rail, industrial and mechanical workshops.

Yard 1

  • 2 Mt of storage capacity
  • One stacker-reclaimer with a nominal hourly capacity of 4 000 tonnes
  • One dumper hopper

Yard 2

  • 500 000 tonnes of storage capacity
  • One stacker-reclaimer with an hourly capacity of 8 000 tonnes
  • One single tippler


We provide transportation and commodities handling for the natural resource industry.