The SFP Pointe-Noire is concerned about the environmental impacts likely to affect its employees, business partners, and the region’s residents. Economic development must, therefore, draw inspiration from the best environmental practices for the benefit of current and future generations. We firmly believe that sustainable economic development hinges on responsible environmental management. The SFP Pointe-Noire’s approach seeks to surpass its legal obligations, according to the following guiding principles:

  • carry out its operations in keeping with the applicable legislation and regulations and other obligations to which the organization subscribes, and improve itself on this basis;
  • set objectives and targets to be attained to ensure the ongoing improvement of its environmental performance and earmark the necessary resources to achieve such objectives;
  • heighten awareness among employees and subcontractors of compliance with policies and procedures to make them aware of their responsibilities and promote involvement in environmental protection;
  • carry out all activities responsibly and preventively to minimize or even eliminate discharges in the environment stemming from its activities and, where appropriate, manage them in accordance with the regulations;
  • join forces with the subcontractors, suppliers and business partners concerned with the environment and demand of its subcontractors that they apply an environmental management program in keeping with this policy to conclude contracts on the site of the SFP Pointe-Noire;
  • manage financial and material resources in an environmentally responsible manner by promoting environmentally- and community-friendly products, technologies, and operating methods;
  • regularly, transparently communicate with the Board of Directors, employees, and local communities.


The SFP Pointe-Noire owns a water treatment plant comprising five pumping stations and two retention ponds to capture and treat water from the storage yards. The plant treats 1 000 000 litres per day on average.

A project is now under way to enhance our water catchment and treatment facilities. It seeks to optimize existing infrastructure and calls for the building of new infrastructure that will facilitate in a context of expanding operations the ongoing capture of runoff that comes into contact with iron ore and ensure the efficient management of flows with a recurrence interval of up to 100 years.

The complete surface sealing of the two storage yards is a practical example of the projects undertaken since the SFP Pointe Noire’s inception that reflect its desire to reduce the environmental footprint of its activities.

The environment team ensures daily that all activities on the site comply with government legislation, regulations, and standards. Challenges related to the management of water, air, soil, and residual materials are handled preventively, which allows for the implementation of sustainable practices.

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