Port infrastructure


deep-water docks

A bay that is navigable


Adapted to vessels of

all sizes

The SFP Pointe‑Noire offers preferential access to the infrastructure of the Sept‑Îles Port Authority. Situated at the mouth of the St. Lawrence River, the three deep-water docks in the Port of Sept‑Îles benefit from a strategic geographic position that makes them a gateway to international markets. Moreover, we offer access to the railcar ferry dock, which affords access to the North American rail network.

From the standpoint of capacity, the Sept‑Îles Port Authority infrastructure can handle the world’s largest ships such as Capesize and China Max vessels, in a bay that is navigable year-round.

The port terminals are devoted mainly to high-volume solid bulk shipments. Dock 31 can also receive and ship bulk liquids.

Accessible industrial docks

  • Dock 30: 15 m deep, equipped with two mobile loaders.
  • Dock 31: 12 m deep, equipped with a stationary loader.
  • Multi-user dock: 20 m deep, equipped with two loaders with a nominal hourly capacity of 8 000 tonnes.

To obtain additional information on the Port of Sept‑Îles infrastructure, please visit PortSI.com.


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